Being Partially at Fault for a Car Accident

Though there are some states that do not consider fault in a car accident, there are many that do. If you live in a fault state, the person who’s at fault for the accident could end up paying more out of pocket, in addition to having insurance premiums rise. What should you do if you’re partially at fault for your accident?

Determining Fault

Determining fault in a car accident isn’t always black and white. There are plenty of factors at play, and sometimes plenty of witnesses to the incident. It’s important you contact the authorities after your accident. For one reason, it’s the law, and for another reason, the responding officer will make a report that typically states whose fault he or she thinks the accident is. If the accident was determined to be your fault, you would receive a citation from the officer. If fault is given partially to both parties, each person would receive a citation.

If you feel the accident report is incorrect, you can get an attorney involved to really get down to the truth. If there were witnesses to the accident who can corroborate your story about the other driver being at fault, your attorney can help you present that to a judge. The insurance adjuster may also have an opinion about it, and that could work to your advantage as well.

Keeping Your Cool

Something else to keep in mind is your character and attitude could play a role in determining fault. If it’s really too close to tell, the police officer may use other clues to determine who was at fault. If one party is irrational, angry and pointing the finger of blame a little too dramatically, it may be a sign of guilt. Keeping your cool is an important part in looking the part of the innocent party, which is what you are.

Additionally, the other driver may have a negative driving history. He or she could have a criminal background or a history of dishonesty. Those character traits don’t typically look good for someone involved in a crash. If it’s hard to determine fault, the responding officer may consider such a history.

Get In Touch With a Lawyer Today

Whether you’re partially at fault, fully at fault or at no fault, car accidents often require the assistance of a car accident attorney. To learn more about the process of filing claims, receiving compensation and fighting an unfair ticket, get in touch with a car accident lawyer today.


Your attorney, like a car accident lawyer in Longwood, FL, can help you navigate this difficult matter.


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