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Slip and Fall Lawyer BrooklynSlip and falls can lead to very serious injuries and if you are a victim of such an occurrence you need an experienced Brooklyn slip and fall lawyer. For some reason, images of people slipping and falling are funny to people and it does seem as if everyday another picture is posted on social media of a celebrity falling while the public gets a good laugh. The truth is slipping and falling isn’t funny and can lead to serious, traumatic injuries.

Experienced Slip and Fall Lawyers in Brooklyn

There are many causes of slip and falls in addition to icy sidewalks and wet grocery store floors. Some of the more common falls our experienced slip and fall lawyers in Brooklyn see are due to insufficient lighting, uneven flooring—both indoors and outdoors, poor asphalt conditions in parking lots, inadequately maintained stairwells with broken or missing hand rails (and often insufficient lighting as well). In slip and fall cases, people doing everyday things, who have a reasonable expectations—that a handrail will be properly affixed to a wall, that a spill on a grocery store floor will be promptly cleaned up, that a parking lot will be lit well enough that a patron can see where he/she is walking—suffer injury.

Our Lawyers Know that Slip & Fall Injuries Can Be Very Serious

Injuries from slip and falls can range from the minor, a small bump or a pulled muscle to very serious, such as brain injury, broken bones, and even death. Oftentimes people embarrassed after a fall and just try to get up quickly and unnoticed—too embarrassed to even report it to the proper sources. This makes pursuing a subsequent injury claim more complex so it is critical that you contact a Brooklyn slip and fall lawyer if you find yourself in this situation. Also, the opposite occurs as well. People who are injured give statements—both written and oral—at the scene and at a time when he/she is often confused, upset, and/or shaken form the fall. Unfortunately, those statements are used against the victim should he/she decides to pursue a claim.

Contact Our Brooklyn Slip & Fall Lawyers

We are experienced Brooklyn slip and fall lawyers so even in the most complex incident, where you have or have not reported the occurrence, we can help. Please give us a call. There is no charge for the consultation and we can explain all of your options.

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