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Motorcycle Accident Lawyer BrooklynMotorcycles—scary and intriguing at the same time and when it comes to injuries resulting from them, it is critical that you have an experienced Brooklyn Motorcycle Accident Lawyer helping you. This is because motorcycle accidents in Brooklyn often involve complex issues of fault and very serious injuries. Unlike the drivers of cars, trucks or vans, motorcyclists don’t have steel frames to protect them on impact. But this fact also plays into the assignment of fault. Motorcyclists know they are susceptible to catastrophic injury due to the lack of metal armor and therefore, contrary to stereotype, are often the most aware and responsible motorists on the road. A skilled Brooklyn Motorcycle Accident Lawyer understands this and knows how to explain it to a jury or an insurance adjuster.

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Certainly we all have stories of daredevil motorcyclists weaving through traffic at high rates of speed but this is the exception. Think about it: Has a day gone by when either you, someone you know, or a driver you see, isn’t texting, fiddling with a radio, or fixing her makeup (or shaving!) while driving. Think about that as it relates to motorcyclists—have you ever seen a motorcyclist carry on such tasks while operating a motorcycle? It’s a good bet the answer is no. The trouble is that to many drivers, motorcycles are almost invisible-their presence often landing right in the blind spot of a motorist, or out of the view of a truck driver, sitting several feet above the road. Even the most cautious motorcyclist can’t avoid a collision in this situation or stop someone from making that left turn across his lane without warning. Some people assume that motorcyclists are taking such a big risk by being on our roadways that they harbor a bias about it—this makes the claims and litigation process more difficult for a motorcycle accident victim. A skilled Brooklyn Motorcycle Accident Lawyer can successfully fight against this.

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Experienced attorneys, like our Brooklyn motorcycle accident lawyers, are acutely aware of the dangers motorcyclists face and the prejudices with which they often must contend. Our lawyers have represented many motorcyclists in cases ranging from the minor to the very serious. So, should you become injured in a motorcycle accident, contact us, please for a free consultation with a Brooklyn motor cycle accident lawyer who can help.

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Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Brooklyn