Slip and Fall Attorney Brooklyn

Building Your Slip and Fall Case
If a fall resulted in an injury, you may want to work with a slip and fall attorney Brooklyn relies on for support. Any personal injury case can be tricky, and slip and fall cases are included in that group. If you have a serious injury, it may be in your best interest to contact a Brooklyn slip and fall attorney as soon as possible by calling 718-395-6126 today.

Why Do You Need a Slip and Fall Attorney in Brooklyn?
You may feel like you can handle your case alone because you want to save on legal fees that you’d pay a slip and fall attorney Brooklyn trusts. This is understandable, but it may be a big mistake depending on the details of your case.

Slip and fall cases are usually defended by an attorney because there isn’t always a clear case of fault. Additionally, some insurance companies aren’t eager to work with individuals who don’t have legal representation.

A slip and fall attorney Brooklyn offers may be able to help you do the two crucial steps of a slip and fall case: prove liability and collect damages.

Proving Liability
Before you can even go to trial, you have to be able to prove liability in your slip and fall accident. This is where a lawyer’s counsel is really valuable. In a slip and fall case, this means that you have to prove that someone was negligent and that their negligence contributing in your fall and resulted in your injury.

In order to do this, your lawyer may sit down with you and ask some questions about the accident. They may have a lot of questions, but anything you can remember may be essential to your case. Once the slip and fall attorney Brooklyn residents turn to determines the cause of your fall, they have to then prove how the defendant’s negligence contributed to your fall.

Proving Damages
You may think that proving damages is as simple as saying you fell, you were injured, and you missed work. But it’s often not that simple. You and your lawyer may need to provide medical records to prove your diagnosis. Then you may need to provide medical bills to show how much healthcare expenses you’ve had because of your injury.

If you have a job and missed work, you’ll also need to document your lost income and any future loss of income if your injuries are severe. All of this requires paperwork and proof. If your medical records don’t already state that your fall caused your injuries, your lawyer may ask your doctor to write a medical report or letter that establishes the causation you need for your case.

Now that you see a slip and fall case isn’t so simple, you may want to go ahead and call a lawyer to help you with your case. You shouldn’t have to deal with this alone. Let us help. Call a slip and fall attorney Brooklyn residents would recommend at 718-395-6126 today.