Car Accident Attorney Brooklyn NY

Recovering Damages for Your Child After a Car Accident

Personal injury lawyers from our firm may provide you with a car accident attorney Brooklyn NY families trust to protect the rights of their children. If your minor child suffered a serious injury in a car accident, an attorney may work on your behalf to recover the costs from the accident.

A car accident attorney in Brooklyn NY may file the necessary paperwork and provide the documentation needed to receive maximum compensation from a claim. An attorney may also negotiate a settlement with the at-fault insurance company. In worst case scenarios, a Brooklyn car accident attorney may file a lawsuit on your child’s behalf.

Protecting Your Child’s Legal Rights

Car accidents are not an unusual occurrence in Brooklyn. Sadly, many people are hurt or even killed in vehicle accidents every year in this city. Even sadder is the number of innocent children who are victims of negligent drivers.

As your child’s parent, you can protect your child even after an accident by hiring a car accident attorney Brooklyn NY parents trust for your child. A portion of the money recovered by the attorney from the negligent driver can be used to pay for his or her services. This way, you may avoid paying anything out of pocket. In addition, your child’s medical costs may be paid by the party responsible for causing their injury.

A Minor’s Compromise

Because your child is a minor, he or she can’t sign a personal injury settlement on their own behalf. Therefore, the court must approve it. Your child’s attorney would submit a petition to the court known as the “minor’s compromise.” Unless otherwise approved by the court, the money held in a trust cannot be accessed by your child until he or she reaches 18. An exception may be if an emergency develops and those funds need to be accessed sooner. A car accident attorney Brooklyn NY provides may provide you with more information specific to your child’s case and medical condition.

After hiring a car accident attorney Brooklyn NY residents recommend, he or she may draw up the petition. The details of the petition will likely include:

  • The settlement amount.
  • Details of the settlement agreement. This will probably include a list of damages from the accident for which your child is receiving compensation.
  • Where the money will be held in trust, i.e., what bank, your child’s name, etc.
  • Who will be the trustee of your child’s trust account. In most cases that will be one or both parents, but it can also be a guardian or other trusted adult.
  • How much of the settlement will go toward payment of the medical care providers, how much to the parent(s) for out of pocket costs, and how much will paid to the child’s attorney.

Hiring a Car Accident Attorney for Your Child

If your child has suffered a serious injury due to someone else’s negligence, contact us today. Your family deserves compensation from the party responsible for hurting your child. To pay for medical costs and other damages from the accident, you may need an experienced attorney to represent your child. Call us without delay to speak with a qualified car accident attorney Brooklyn NY offers.