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Uber Accident Lawyer BrooklynMany Brooklyn residents are using Uber for transportation. As such, there has been a rise in Uber accidents in Brooklyn. Unlike taxis, which have very specific rules and regulations regarding insurance coverage, Uber does not. This leaves a victim of an Uber accident in Brooklyn in a particularly precarious position. With the increase in the popularity of Uber, the complexity of whose insurance governs a loss—Uber, the company, or that of the Uber driver, or both, has also increased. As one can imagine, Uber prefers to push liability off to its drivers, classifying them as independent contractors with the goal of having the driver insurance responsible for an Uber accident in Brooklyn. The drivers claim, among other things, that it is because they are using the Uber app to identify potential rides or routes while an accident occurred that Uber, the company’s insurance should cover a loss. This leaves the victim of an Uber accident in Brooklyn in the middle of a fight about coverage. Also, many Brooklyn Uber users do not own vehicles and therefore do not have their own insurance to tap into after an accident. So the a Brooklyn based Uber rider who finds himself/herself in an accident and in the situation where neither the Uber driver’s insurance nor Uber the company’s insurance will pay, will not have his/her own motor vehicle insurance on which to base a claim. A skilled Brooklyn motor vehicle accident attorney, like those at our firm, can help. We will carefully review all of the insurance information and advise and interpret the applicable law to get you compensation.

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Additionally, when a passenger enters an Uber driver’s vehicle, that passenger knows nothing about the driver—as with taxis. But it is an appropriate expectation of that passenger/customer that Uber has done proper due diligence with regard to its driver—a criminal background check, a review of driving history, and confirmation of insurance coverage. But, all across the country, and the world, we are seeing flaws in the Uber hiring process. There are drivers with insufficient or no coverage, drivers with serious criminal records, and drivers with questionable driving skills. Many Uber drivers would be ineligible to drive licensed taxis in those very same jurisdictions.

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As is clear from this small bit of information, receiving compensation for injuries, pain and suffering, lost wages, etc. as a result of an Uber accident is not clearcut. Please, if you are involved in an Uber accident in Brooklyn, contact one of our very experienced attorneys. The consultation is free. We can help you.