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Car Accident Lawyer Bushwick NYWhen searching for a reliable car accident lawyer Bushwick NY can seem like an intimidating city. With so many lawyers calling themselves “the best” car accident lawyer Bushwick NY trusts, it’s hard to know that you’ve found the best law firm for your case.

Although no one can accurately call themselves the single best lawyer for every possible client, our legal team possesses extensive knowledge and experience when it comes to handling car accident cases. We understand that there are several different types of damages that injured victims might claim after a car accident, but it’s important to keep in mind that each case is different; each claimant could potentially receive different damages depending on his/her injuries.

Here’s a quick look at some of the more common types of damages that a car accident injury claim might warrant:

Medical Costs

The medical costs incurred after a car accident are sometimes the most important damages for an injured claimant to collect. Treatment after a severe car accident can cost thousands of dollars and a serious injury could require long-term treatment. Even when a person holds a health insurance plan, it’s common for insurers to place a cap on how much will be paid through the policyholder’s plan — and the policyholder might still have to pay thousands more for out-of-pocket medical expenses.

In an injury claim, it can be possible for a claimant to receive compensation for immediate medical care and for long-term therapeutic or rehabilitation care. It’s also possible, as a skilled Bushwick NY car accident lawyer could explain, to claim compensation for psychological and cognitive damages after a car accident.

Pain and Suffering

An individual who experiences a traumatic car accident and sustains severe injuries might end up experiencing an overall loss of happiness and life enjoyment. When an accident victim sustains a severe and debilitating injury, he/she might also experience chronic or long-lasting physical pain. It’s difficult to put a price tag on a person’s happiness or pain levels, as any experienced car accident lawyer Bushwick NY can offer might attest. Nevertheless, this is another part of an accident claim that an injured person might obtain.

Temporary and Permanent Disability

A severe car accident could render a person disabled temporarily or even permanently, as a seasoned car accident lawyer Bushwick NY can provide will know. A victim may be able to obtain financial compensation for this disability if it impacts his/her ability to return to work — even if it only creates a short-term or partial disability related to work.

Lost wages during the person’s recovery period can often be obtained in a successful injury claim. If a person is unable to perform his/her job duties as normal after this recovery period, disability payments in an injury settlement could potentially account for additional lost wages.

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If you’ve recently been injured in a car accident, you may be able to claim compensation for your injuries through a claim or a lawsuit. Our legal team has assisted countless accident victims in the past and has helped clients obtain the injury compensation they rightfully deserve. For more information about our competent team of lawyers, or to schedule a case evaluation with a top car accident lawyer Bushwick NY drivers deserve, contact us today.