If You Must Fight Over Child Custody, Be Strategic

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As an attorney has seen many times before, parents who split up can become completely at-odds against each other and then have to fight for custody of their children. This legal dispute can be emotionally painful and stressful, as you both gear up to do what you can to win child custody. However, it is important that you keep your emotions reasonably controlled and obtain counsel from a family law attorney, so you can learn about how to be strategic during this time.

Here are several strategies that an attorney may advise using, depending on the circumstances of your child custody battle. For more information on how they can help you in your specific situation, please contact a law office right away. 

Try to Settle Out of Court, If Possible

Many parents may not know that settling child custody outside of court is possible. Going to trial can be exhausting and also costly on the checkbook. Also, you really never know what a judge is going to decide. Even if you think you have a strong case in court, there is no surety that the judge will see it the same way as you. An attorney suggests trying mediation first. But, if the other parent has been violent in the past or threatening, then mediation should not be an option. 

Eliminate Drama for the Benefit of Children

When parents get into a verbal brawl, this can have devastating impacts on the children. Many parents don’t realize how much arguing even without becoming physically violent, can damage a child’s well being for the long-term. Do not have disputes in front of your children, do not pin them against their parent, and don’t tell them what is happening in court. 

Remain Factual and Objective

An attorney may encourage you to consider whether the judgement you are fighting for is actually what will be in the best interest for you and your children. Ask yourself if you are fighting just to win against the other parent, or if you firmly believe what you want will be beneficial for all involved. 

Fight for the Right Reasons

A very good reason to engage in a difficult custody battle is if you want to ensure your children are protected from an abusive parent. If your former partner has ever been abusive or neglectful when it came to yourself or children, then you must notify your attorney about this immediately. They can help you gather the appropriate paperwork and protections to see that you are safe from harm. 

Please do not fight an intense child custody battle by yourself. Call today for a consultation, so they can go over what is going on and offer advice for a course of action in getting custody of your children. Child custody attorneys in Collin County, TX can see this time through with you by using strategic and compassionate legal services.



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