Personal Injury Lawyer Bushwick NY

Personal Injury Lawyer Bushwick NYIf you’re in a need of a top personal injury lawyer Bushwick NY has to offer, our law firm should be your first point of contact. Our local lawyers have helped many injured claimants pursue compensation after an accident, and we may be able to help you, too.

As an experienced personal injury lawyer Bushwick NY has to offer might attest, it’s not always easy to figure out your first steps after an accident. Each personal injury case is different and different types of accidents could require different actions. For more individual assistance on handling a personal injury case, it is often wise to seek legal counsel from a local personal injury lawyer in Bushwick NY.

However, here are just a few initial steps that injured parties could take after an accident to prepare for a lawsuit or settlement negotiation:

  1. Collect evidence and take pictures of what happened. Photo evidence can be very powerful in a personal injury claim, as a seasoned personal injury lawyer Bushwick NY can provide will likely agree. In cases where important evidence cannot be preserved — in car accident cases, for example, where saving the vehicle is likely not feasible — photos of the incident can be important. In other cases, such as defective product injuries, it might be possible to save the product and/or packaging.
  2. Talk to any witnesses and ask for contact information. This is not always feasible if the accident did not occur publicly. However, it still may be possible to find others who can provide valuable testimonies — and this is where a skilled Bushwick NY personal injury lawyer can really be beneficial. In a medical malpractice case, for example, testimonies from other nurses and doctors involved in the incident — or even previous patients who may have suffered a similar injury — could be invaluable.
  3. Write down your own account of what happened. This can be very important if a personal injury case cannot be settled outside of the courtroom. Lawsuits for complicated cases could take a long time and it is important for a plaintiff to remember exactly what happened.
  4. Seek medical diagnosis and treatment (if necessary), and save any pertinent documents. Claimants will likely want to collect and save any documents that help prove the extent of the accident. If an injury is particularly serious and requires ongoing treatment, the claimant might wish to save pertinent documentation. Even if an injury does not require extensive treatment, it can still be important to show an initial post-accident diagnosis — or even multiple diagnoses from multiple doctors.
  5. Be aware of relevant statutes of limitation. Each state has its own statute of limitations, which is the timeframe in which an injured person can make a legal claim to collect damages. The statute of limitations for a personal injury claim can vary from state to state; it can even vary depending on the incident that caused the injury. Working with a top personal injury lawyer Bushwick NY can offer can help an injured person file a claim successfully before time runs out.

For more help on how to handle a personal injury case immediately after an accident, contact a local personal injury lawyer Bushwick NY residents trust today.