What To Do After an Accident if You Are Pregnant


If you were involved in a car accident, it is important to carefully evaluate your health. It is very easy for serious injury to occur in car accidents, so you cannot afford to shrug it off without taking the proper steps. If you are pregnant, then this is even more important. Learn what steps you should take if you are involved in a car accident, and what you should do differently if you are pregnant.


What You Should Do

First, learn what the best practices are for someone who is not pregnant. It is not completely essential that you visit the doctor, however you should be very open to the precaution. If you notice anything wrong, no matter how minor it is, you should immediately schedule an examination.


Right after the accident, you should examine yourself for any blood. If you are bleeding, you should call 911 and go to the hospital in an ambulance immediately. You should take this precaution if you suspect you have any broken bones too.


A few minutes after the accident, you should evaluate whether any symptoms are persisting. It is normal to be dizzy or to ache right after an accident. However, these symptoms should go away in a few minutes. If they do not, you should seek medical attention. Taking an ambulance is only necessary if you think your condition is bad enough that you cannot safely drive yourself. Do not attempt to drive if you are dizzy, lightheaded, or mentally impaired in any way.


A few days after the accident, any persisting pain should be checked out by a doctor. By this time, any surface level injuries, such as bruising or aches, should already be healing. Many people opt to visit a doctor after an accident, regardless of how good they feel. This is good practice, but it is not completely necessary.


If You Are Pregnant

If you are pregnant and involved in an accident, then you should always visit a doctor. If you do not have any broken bones or are bleeding, you can afford to visit your trusted obstetrician. If your injuries are severe, take an ambulance to the nearest hospital instead. Luckily, it is actually very uncommon for fetuses to be injured in car accidents. However, it can happen, so you should always be checked out immediately.


While it is likely an afterthought to you, if the accident was caused by the other driver, you should also consider the potential of filing a personal injury lawsuit. Speak with an attorney, like a car accident attorney in Maine, to learn more.


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